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New way to secure all of your information

Seal the deal

Seal is a mobile application that emulates software Token for one or more merchants.

The application enables you to ensure a higher level of security for access to information services,

using the most modern methods and creating one time keys.

The solution may be part of Multi-factor authentication (MFA) or Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA).


In addition, Seal can be used in the process of entering and submitting to a site or program, and in the process of signing/verifying the execution of payment operations. Seal is very well suited for embedding and using processes and for any kind of Banking, wallet applications, internet access services, or any online service asking for a name and password to which Seal will give you extra peace of mind that you manage with one button.

Providing a Number 1 Service

Tree of the most important privileges of our app are: 


Seal is small and optimized app. 


Seal is mobile app so it can be where you are. When you need a token just open the app.


Seal creates unique and secure tokens for your needs

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Simplify all of your banking tokens

With a 2FA or MFA you secure your information so the hackers can't hijack it. This is the most safe way to perform a payment. Seal provides simple interface which combines all of your banks into an app. You just select the account with which you are going to perform a payment and you get a token.  

All you need is an account

What you need to use the app? You only need an account to secure all of your tokens so no one can you use them except you.


What can happen without 2FA?

It's really easy for hackers to steal your password. Imagine using this password for more then one site. 

They can delete or go through all of your emails, photos or contacts.

Accessing your accounts can lead to losing data, being locked out of your accounts etc.


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